SMART Team Program for companies

What is SMART Team Program? 
SMART Team Program is one of the methods for shaping the organizational culture and changes within the organization towards participation management (in compliance with the idea of teal organizations) and development of group work. It is based on the Best Year Yet methodology recognized around the world. The systematic implementation of that program into the organization, allows to effectively develop the atmosphere of cooperation and responsibility, which results in higher transparency of company activities and improvement in employee motivation and involvement.
SMART Team Program also helps in diagnosing the weaknesses and obstacles to development; it supports the internal communication, the task-based organizational culture and the development of relationships. It teaches you to express your expectations and ideas in a clear manner, facilitates openness in contacts with your colleagues. It is a clear element of the system of employee evaluation and development. As a result, your company will enter the path towards participation management and use of its full potential.

What does working within SMART Team Program look like?

The work is divided into two stages. The first one is a training for the managing staff and management board, during which the company objectives are specified, priorities are assigned and the ways to achieve them are recorded. The second element is the monthly visit of a coach who provides business consulting. The coach helps to assess the execution of objectives, to indicate the reasons of successes and failures, and to draw conclusions from them.

The unique online application that supports the program participants on a daily basis in the scope of monitoring of objectives, makes use of the phenomena known in psychology (among others - elements of gamification).

They allow to maintain a high level of motivation during the whole program period, to assess the progress and diagnose the areas that require further assistance. It is interesting in terms of graphics and intuitive, so the process ceases to be a boring “training in management” and becomes a real passion on the way towards the objective.


Why should you choose SMART Team Program?

A unique method, verified by the companies all over the world. Many international corporations have successfully benefited from the SMART Team program by achieving the objectives set.

A verified tool for managing changes, development and mapping of team competences. The online application facilitates the monitoring of progress, and coaching facilitates the changes within the company and the execution of partial objectives.

Great “soft” results. The cooperation with SMART Team allows the employees to establish deeper relationships, changes their attitude to work and their own development. Honest work on your objectives affects the culture of your organization – it allows to develop the business awareness and to increase the feeling of responsibility and motivation for undertaking new tasks.

A perfect way to conduct the HR policy. The SMART Team program is an effective HR tool, an element of the incentive system. It allows to evaluate employees, to plan their career paths and promotion; it results in improvement of motivation, development of team-building and communication skills.

Saving time. The change processes require the participants to devote a lot of time for supplementing and monitoring the progress. In SMART Team, everything takes place with the use of an online platform, where the employees get motivation, support and communicate with each other.

How will your company benefit from SMART Team Program?
  • A strategy of development and change implementation plan for the next 12 months – based on actual and measurable objectives
  • A perfect tool for evaluating employees, executing the policy of management of talents and promotion paths
  • Development of the organizational culture thanks to better motivation of employees, more satisfaction and identification with the company and its objectives
  • The compliance between the employee incentive system and the organization strategy

SMART Group Program

What is SMART Group Program? 
SMART Group Program is a reputed method of building and integrating teams around the execution of the objectives set. The program is addressed at the groups of employees who cooperate together, but each of them is assessed individually (e.g. sales personnel, insurance agents). It helps to set the objectives, to maintain the high level of motivation for executing them and supports the soft aspects of cooperation, among others communication, teamwork, participation and exchange of experience. For the company, it is a perfect tool for modelling HR process, assessing the work efficiency and evaluating the employees (including the talent management program).

What does the work within SMART Group Program program look like? 
Each participant takes part in the trainings based on the Best Year Yet Interaworks method. Business consulting is oriented towards setting the annual (individual) objectives which are then cascaded. The work on implementing them takes place with the use of an innovative online application that supports the program user in the execution of the given strategy (thanks to the exchange of experiences with other participants and to the observation of their results). It also helps it to monitor the condition of execution of partial objectives. A meeting with a coach is held every month.

Why choose SMART Group Program?
  • Significant simplification of development of participation, teal organizational culture
  • A perfect tool for maintaining a high level of motivation all year round
  • A source of hard data on the given employee (necessary for evaluation, periodic assessment, management of talents, promotions and remuneration systems)
  • Verified method of activity optimization and learning self-organization
  • Significant support for developing the organizational culture and the teamwork skills; reliable methodology for conducting meetings between managers and groups
How will your company benefit from SMART Group Program?
  • Improvement in the quality of teamwork, communication and better relationships among employees
  • Increase in employee satisfaction translating into better effectiveness and loyalty
  • Putting the annual objectives in order and higher probability of executing them
  • Possibility to find talents and reward prominent employees

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SMART Executive Coaching

What is SMART Executive Coaching ? 
SMART Executive Coaching is a coaching program offered to individuals – the managing staff and middle managers. Its objective is to improve some soft skills (such as objective setting, motivating employees, delegating tasks, assessing subordinates) and personal development. Executive coaching helps to adapt to changes and develop a partnership approach to your company and team. With this methodology, that work gives excellent effects which translate into better relationships and motivation of the whole team.
What does the work in SMART Executive Coaching  look like? 
SMART Executive Coaching  consists in regular meetings with a coach, which are directed towards analyzing the weaknesses and problems of human resource management and towards setting objectives. The manager also gets the knowledge of developing the strategy of its own development and learns the change processes. It is also a perfect source of data for employee valuation, planning its promotion path and career and for time management.
Another advantage of this method is that the results are monitored on an ongoing basis, which allows to modify the activities in a flexible manner and to adapt them to the change dynamics.

Why should you choose SMART Executive Coaching?
  • It allows to develop the competences that are needed for management of teams
  • It improves soft skills
  • It allows to model manager attitudes
  • It has a positive impact on group work, integration and relations within teams
  • It facilitates diagnosing those competence areas that require additional work


What will your company get by selecting SMART Executive Coaching?
  • A perfect tool for developing manager attitudes
  • A verified methodology of meetings between managers and their subordinates
  • An interesting benefit offered to the best employees/managers
  • Adaptation of managers’ objectives to company objectives
  • Significant improvement in group relations, employee motivation and communication

Do you want to invest in strong leaders? Or maybe you’re a manager yourself and you want to improve your skills?

Smart Management offers training sessions for managers, through which you will become proficient in managing yourself and your employees. The coaching program lasts for 12 months, during which we will work on the issies selected by you. Invest in your development and make an appointment for your first training session.


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