Business advisory and consulting services from Smart Management

About us

In Smart Management, we support the development of our clients every day. We are business consultants, we implement the solutions that help to discover and develop the potential of an organization. We also work with the companies interested in the ideas of teal management.

We are business practitioners – we use our knowledge, experienced and reliable tools to improve the companies with which we cooperate.

We want to develop motivated, success-oriented teams which work in a planned and expedient manner. In our work, we make use of the methodology of the American company Interaworks which has been present in the international market for over thirty years. We are its partner in Central and Eastern Europe.

For whom?

In Smart Management, we develop new action plans while cooperating with the management boards of companies, with the respective divisions and departments, and conducting SMART Executive Coaching  of the managing staff.

After preparing the diagnosis of the current condition and the analysis of the needs of the organization and managers, we implement, together with our client, the new, ambitious plans of annual development at every level.



For the company:

  • Actual program of development for the coming year
  • Increase in work efficiency, development of group processes
  • Improvement in employee motivation and involvement
  • Modelling of HR processes

For the team:

  • Cohesive objectives, activities and priorities, mutual motivation for acting.
  • Clear expectations and guidelines for the team members
  • Improvement in group relationships, construction of an open, teal method of management
  • Discovery and application of the strengths of the team

For the employee:

  • Perfect tool for employee development
  • Optimization of developmental processes, self-organization and responsibility
  • Improvement of motivation, satisfaction and self-awareness
  • Work with the feeling of trust from superiors and team members

How do we operate?

We only use specific and verified tools. We make use of the American method Best Year Yet Interaworks, thanks to which, over the last 30 years, hundreds of multinational companies have generated actual profits. This is an efficient management method.

Our system

Our system is based on three elements:

konsultant biznesowy

Methodology of setting annual objectives

konsultant biznesowy

Software that simplifies the implementation and observation of changes

konsultant biznesowy

12-month business coaching supporting the process

smart managment

What are our distinguishing characteristics

With the assistance and year-long support from our consultant, you will learn how to set realistic
and achievable objectives, to execute them successively and easily control the progress. You will be assisted by a unique, simple and safe platform for monitoring changes.

BYY clients in the world

Such companies as Coca-Cola, Ernst&Young, ING, Heineken and many others
well-prospering companies, have been successfully cooperating with Best Year Yet Interaworks. Now it’s your turn!
Enter the higher level of management with Smart Management.








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